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Let's hit the roadmap!

roadmap of the nft collection
roadmap of the nft collection
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"We are not empty avatars;

we are real.

We are Alter-People."

roadmap web3
roadmap pass
roadmap newspaper
roadmap lottory
roadmap gallery
roadmap election
roadmap shop
road map game
roadmap book

 alter-people collection

(Already launched!)

A total of 500 unique and hand-drawn characters were digitalized and then decentralized on Web3. The visual techniques adopted in this collection serve as narrative tools that tell us the story of Alter-people and reveal deeper layers of their human characters. Characters are also given creative names that further hint at their personality.

roadmap of the nft collection


The owners of Alter-pass collection will enjoy exclusive citizenship rights and privileges. They can take on key positions, participate in drafting the constitution, and vote in Alter-land elections, to name a few.  

(Once 5% collected)


(Once 30% collected)

Stay informed, connected, and entertained with our online bi-weekly newspaper, the Alter-news! Free subscription will be available to the owners of Alter-pass and Alter-people collections.


We will be running a total of 5 livestreamed lottery draws and with each draw will award a free NFT item to a lucky member of our expanding virtual community. 

(Once 45% collected)


This virtual platform lets you enjoy the experience of walking through a virtual art gallery and appreciate each artwork as if it is physically present in a real gallery.

(Once 50%  collected)


This exclusive voting platform invites Alter-citizens to make meaningful contributions to the future of Alter-land by participating in various elections and referendums that shape the lives of Alter-people, now and in future. 

(Once 70% collected)


This virtual storefront offers a wide range of accessories and souvenirs with the theme of Alter-people collection. Shoppers can redeem their points at Alter-shop and join a vibrant community of collectors who share a passion for this collection.

(Once 80% collected)


Alter-book is a series of short stories written by you! You are invited to write the story of your favorite Alter-people character(s). It could be of any length and should reflect your own understanding of the character. The high-rated stories will be published in our Alter-book.

Add your story here

(Once 100% collected)

roadmap of the nft collection
roadmap of the nft collection
roadmap of the nft collection
roadmap of the nft collection
roadmap of the nft collection
roadmap of the nft collection


This engaging mobile game is built upon the theme of Alter-people collection. As you dive into the game, you'll adopt the role of an Alter-person, facing a series of challenges standing in your way to the Alter-land.

(Once 90% collected)

A Journey to the Metaverse ...

Introducing Alter-people

Join us as we introduce the first generation of Alter-people, a ground-breaking NFT collection featuring 500 one-of-a-kind digital creations. Alter-People seeks to preserve the essence of human identity and redefine what it means to be human in the digital realm. With Alter-people NFTs, you're not just collecting art; you're shaping the history and owning a piece of the future.


As we immerse ourselves into the virtual reality, there is this growing concern that we may become even more disconnected from our true selves and reduced to empty avatars. But there is still hope! Alter-people are on a mission to build a true human community in the virtual realm. In this virtual land, people are transformed into visual forms that more accurately reflect their real-life characters helping them maintain their unique human identity.

roadmap of the nft collection
The Art Gallery
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